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Member Spotlight: Dr. Alessia Pedoto on Culture Shock, Her Path to U.S. Practice, and the Many Mentors Who've Helped Along the Way

Dr. Alessia Pedoto is an Italian transplant who has spent most of her anesthesiology career in New York, where she completed her residency and has practiced for more than 20 years. In this Member Spotlight, she tells ASA Community about her initial culture shock, her experience bearing the brunt...

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Member Spotlight: Dr. Tracey Straker - Anesthesiology Mentor, Would-Be TV Anchorwoman, Motorcycle Enthusiast

Member Spotlight: @Tracey Straker , MD, MPH, MS, FASA Nominated by: @Crystal Wright , MD, FASA Reason for Nomination: "She's director of the ASA Mentoring Program and has done remarkable work!" (Is there an ASA member you'd like to nominate for a Spotlight? Tell us here. ) What...

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Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a CA-2

There comes a time in every medical resident’s training when learning turns to action – or at least some sort of direction. While nothing is set in stone (and, in fact, you’re better off assuming it isn’t), there are a few guiding principles every anesthesiologist comes to understand sooner...

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