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  • Dinner and Drinks at 53 By the Sea

    Please join us - only a few spots remain! Deadline to RSVP is tomorrow, July 7 Aloha everyone, let's enjoy some good food and drinks Friday July 22nd at 53 By the Sea. The ASA President will be in attendance and give us an annual update! It's all sponsored and paid for by the HSA.  Space is limited, so please RSVP by July 7th.  We will hold our annual meeting just prior at 6 pm. We invite and encourage everyone to join and share their input during our annual meeting. Kindest regards, -Kameron ...

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The Hawaii Society of Anesthesiologists is a statewide association for practicing anesthesiologists. HSA is dedicated to the safety of Hawaii's surgical patients.

Central Line: Your Value Proposition

As the anesthesiology market evolves, building value is more essential than ever. Dr. Adam Striker discusses strategies for communicating your value with Dr. Phillip Richardson and Shena Scott from ASA’s Committee on Practice Management. Listen to their tips on creating value propositions, responding to RFPs, maximizing performance metrics, and accessing ASA resources designed to help the anesthesia community build and communicate value. Recorded January 2023.