In order to become a member of the USSA (Uniformed Services Society of Anesthesiologists) you must first be an active member of the ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists). 

All working in DOD/VA facilities and Military MTF's are eligible to be members. 

Residents and Medical Students in military programs or interested in military service programs are eligible for membership. 

Resident, Fellow and Medical Student Membership fees for ASA and USSA are paid by the USSA. 

Active Duty Physicians receive a 50% discount on the Active Member rate from ASA. 

There are 3 different applications:

Staff -
Residents - See your Military PD or Program Coordinator.  If you are not in a military program, use the contact below to seek guidance. 
Medical Students - Medical Student Application- Do not pay the fee- Write/type- USSA Pays.
Affiliates - Affiliate Application

Email Completed Applications to Dr. Bryan Laliberte, Director, USSA

Any other categories (e.g., Retired) please call ASA Member Services to register. (630) 912-2552