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  • NJSSA Welcomes New Officers

    The new NJSSA Officers are honored to be elected to these roles and look forward to serving the members of our New Jersey Society. We are committed to bringing the best care to our patients and to our anesthesiology community.

Please support our PAC! - NJ Scope of Practice Requirements are Under Attack by APNs.  
NJSSA has been fighting back against scope expansion legislation and is currently hard at work launching a public affairs campaign to educate lawmakers on the risks of independent practice, specifically in anesthesia care.  Read More Here.

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New Jersey Statehouse Update

Friday, May 20th  - Weekly Update

This week, Governor Phil Murphy activated price gouging laws in response to the nationwide baby formula shortage. Under the order, all state agencies are required to ease supply chain issues and limit actions that would reduce availability of formulas, while drawing on federal resources to accomplish these goals.

The Governor also announced his support for a police licensing program that would require all law enforcement in NJ to hold valid licenses in order to be employed as officers in the state. The proposed police licensing program would require certain uniform standards for police officers to become, or continue to be, an active law enforcement officer in the state. Over 40 other states have a form of licensing for police officers. The measure must still go through the legislative process, but the Governor has indicated he's supportive of the proposed legislation.


Annual Meeting - 2022

Unable to attend our virtual Annual Meeting on February 12th?  No problem!

View the recording here.

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Central Line: Ambulatory Anesthesia

Dr. Girish Joshi, guest editor of June’s ASA Monitor, joins Dr. Adam Striker for this wide-ranging discussion of ambulatory anesthesia and non-operating room anesthesia (NORA). They touch on patient safety concerns, the growing importance of patient communications, the impacts of COVID, technological advances, and more. Recorded May 2022.