The Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists represents over 400 active, retired, affiliate and resident member physicians in the State of Alabama. Membership in the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists is federated. This means you must be a member of one association in order to be a member of the other. Both organizations provide invaluable representation and service to the practice of anesthesiology and pain medicine.


Medical care in the United States and Medical Practice in the United States is under attack from many as being too expensive and not the best care for the buck expended. Everyone takes numbers and uses them to enforce their on beliefs and agendas. Everyone has an agenda, everyone is organized, everyone is politically active. Physicians must become as effective, organized, and politically active as other stakeholders in this battle. As we advocate for our patients and their care, we must commit our time and money to this effort. Combining our resources through organized medical associations makes sense as we can leverage our resources to achieve the greatest good.


To join, you will need to complete a membership application form. The ASSA uses the ASA form for membership, so simply download and return to us.  Here is the address:*

 Another option is to go to the ASA webpage, and join by completing the online application.  This method has the quickest turnaround and eliminates unnecessary paperwork.


*It is important to note that the State Society and the ASA use the same application form for membership.  This form is an ASA membership form and it is used by the Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists.