Latest News from DCSA

  • Resident Award for Abstract Presentation: 2024

    Announcing that the 2024 DCSA Abstract Presentation Award was awarded to Dr. Eric Casella who is a fellow at Childrens National Medical Center. He took part in a medical trip to St. Vincent and Grenadines to provide 18 surgeries to children from around the Eastern Caribbean during the course of the week. This award is offered to one anesthesia resident and/or fellow per year, training in the District of Columbia, will awarded $500 towards transportation, lodging and other travel expenses to offset the expenses of presenting an abstract at an upcoming meeting. Check in the Membership section of our website for the document downloads to see how to apply for this award.
  • Updates on DC Bill 25-545

    DCSA, and the MSDC's Physician Voices for Patient Safety Coalition, have been working tirelessly since November to remove concerning provisions from B25-545. The bill updates the Health Occupations and Regulations Act, better known as the DC law overseeing health licensing and regulation. The bill contained numerous scope of practice expansions for numerous allied health professionals, plus made worrying changes to the make-up of the Board of Medicine. In May 2024, the Council passed the bill on its final reading. DCSA members met with Councilmembers, sent letters, and spoke up about why allowing CRNA independent practice without any physician collaboration would endanger patients and raise the cost of healthcare in DC. While we did not win our request, we will continue to fight for patient safety in DC.
  • Upcoming ASA Legislative Conference in Washington DC and ASA President's Dinner with DCSA

    This year, ASA's premier grassroots advocacy meeting on legislative, political and regulatory issues affecting the practice of anesthesiology will be held on May 13-15, 2024  at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The Day before the conference we will have a dinner with the ASA President Dr. Ronald Harter and other ASA representatives. The Maryland Society of Anesthesiologists will also join in hosting our ASA representatives. More details to come!
  • Scholarship Opportunities for Resident Physicians Rotating Abroad

    Are you an anesthesia resident who would like to practice anesthesiology in resource-poor setting outside the U.S.? You may be eligible to apply a scholarship opportunity from the ASA (Resident International Anesthesia Scholarship Program) and/or the DCSA (International Anesthesiology Scholarship Initiative). Check in the Membership section of our website for the document downloads.
  • 2023 DCSA Annual Business Meeting - Election and DCSA Executive Committee

    The DCSA Annual Business meeting was held Thursday, October 26, 2023.  The evening included remarks by Dr. Leslie Biesecker, who is a renowned clinical investigator and Chief of the Center for Precision Health Research at NHGRI/NIH. He delivered a keynote speech about “A genomic approach to Malignant Hyperthermia." We also had elections for the DCSA Executive Committee for the next terms. Congratulations to our new members, and an expression of gratitude to those continuing their service. Below is the upcoming DCSA Executive Committee by role, with newly elected members (or those elected to new roles) highlighted in bold. Director: Dr. Yewande Johnson Alternate Director: Dr. Nina Rawtani Immediate Past-President: Dr. Michael Brennan President: Dr. Cathy Cao President-Elect: Dr. Robert Jacobson Vice-President: Dr. Jennifer Feldman-Brillembourg Treasurer: Dr. Nina Rawtani Secretary: Dr. Fay Horng Delegates to ASA: Drs. Parr, Feldman-Brillembourg and Rawtani Alternate Delegates: Dr. Beverly Chang, Dr. Hayward Evans, Dr. Elisha Peterson