Latest News from DCSA

  • Scholarship Opportunities for Resident Physicians Rotating Abroad

    Are you an anesthesia resident who would like to practice anesthesiology in resource-poor setting outside the U.S.? You may be eligible to apply a scholarship opportunity from the ASA (Resident International Anesthesia Scholarship Program) and/or the DCSA (International Anesthesiology Scholarship Initiative). Check in the Membership section of our website for the document downloads.
  • DCSA Annual Business Meeting - Election and DCSA Executive Committee

    The DCSA Annual Business meeting was held Thursday, October 13, 2022.  The evening included remarks by Dr. Evan Kharasch, the editor-in-chief of Anesthesiology. Dr. Kharasch spoke on the role of the journal within the anesthesia community, and the need for peer-reviewed science to lead our way into the future. He focused on continual improvements to both the content within and the presentation of Anesthesiology with increasing use of infographics, summaries, and a podcast to more easily disseminate information in modern ways. He also focused on the improvements from the authorial and editorial sides, and increased relevance of the journal to overseas markets. We also had elections for the DCSA Executive Committee for the next terms. Congratulations to our new members, and an expression of gratitude to those continuing their service. Below is the upcoming DCSA Executive Committee by role, with newly elected members (or those elected to new roles) highlighted in bold. Director: Dr. Yewande Johnson Immediate Past-President: Dr. Michael Brennan President: Dr. Cathy Cao President-Elect: Dr. Robert Jacobson Vice-President: Dr. Jennifer Feldman-Brillembourg Treasurer: Dr. Nina Rawtani Secretary: Dr. Fay Horng Delegates to ASA: Drs. Brennan, Cao and Rawtani Alternate Delegates: Dr. Gage Parr, Dr. Hayward Evans, Dr. Nicholas Kessides
  • Semi-annual ACLS and BLS

    Our 2023 Spring ACLS and BLS courses for active DCSA physician members are being planned at this time. Stay tuned for details!