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  • Scholarship Opportunities for Resident Physicians Rotating Abroad

    Are you an anesthesia resident who would like to practice anesthesiology in resource-poor setting outside the U.S.? You may be eligible to apply a scholarship opportunity from the ASA (Resident International Anesthesia Scholarship Program) and/or the DCSA (International Anesthesiology Scholarship Initiative). Check in the Membership section of our website for the document downloads.

About DCSA

The DC Society of Anesthesiologists (DCSA) represents more than 300 physicians and AA’s practicing in the District of Columbia.

The principal goal of the DCSA is to promote the practice of anesthesiology in the District of Columbia.

Our mission is to communicate the scope and value of the anesthesiologist to the public, to monitor and promote public policy to enhance patient care, and to serve as an advocate for anesthesiologists and their patients.

Central Line: Your Value Proposition

As the anesthesiology market evolves, building value is more essential than ever. Dr. Adam Striker discusses strategies for communicating your value with Dr. Phillip Richardson and Shena Scott from ASA’s Committee on Practice Management. Listen to their tips on creating value propositions, responding to RFPs, maximizing performance metrics, and accessing ASA resources designed to help the anesthesia community build and communicate value. Recorded January 2023.