Member Types & Benefits

Member Types & Benefits

Categories (Levels)

DC:   35% State Dues
Active $180.00
Active First Year $180.00
Military/Gov (Active) $90.00
Affiliate $90.00
Resident $25.00
Medical Student $10.00
Retired $0.00
Educational $90.00
Educational Student $75.00
Educational Administrators & Executives (90% or more) $90.00
Educational Administrators & Executives (less than 90%) $90.00
Anesthesiologist Assistant $45.00
Honorary $0.00
Life $0.00

Membership Benefits

Membership does have benefits. Here are some of the benefits of being a member of DCSA:

Local educational meetings (Throughout the year)

Free ACLS course for Active, Government/Military, and Associate Members (Spring and Fall)

Networking opportunities with colleagues (Throughout the year)

Opportunities to attend the annual ASA Legislative Conference (May)

Annual dinner with the ASA President or President-Elect as guest speaker.

Hear current issues facing anesthesiologists nationally and have the opportunity the voice your concerns (May)

Representation at the ASA’s Annual Meeting in the House of Delegates, which insures DCSA’s voice in D.C. and national decisions in organized medicine.

DCSA’s membership levels must continue to grow to assure an adequate number of delegates and strong representation (October)

ASA House of Delegates Reference Committee Hearings provide all DCSA members with the opportunity to express their views and recommendations on issues before the committees to be presented to the House for action and adoption.


Required Membership of American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Each active, resident and affiliate member of this Society shall be required to maintain membership in the active, resident and affiliate categories, respectively, of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc. For member convienence DCSA and ASA dues are collected annually by the ASA.